Why Being Sexy And Show It To The Public By A Photo Is A Common Sense?

Millennials are now obsessed with self-image on social media. A girl can spend dozens of photos for one moment to be uploaded on Instagram. Not only that, the selection of sexy and attractive poses is often used as a weapon to attract people’s attention. Instead of spending time looking for the best poses and supportive expressions, it’s better to use the services of Fabian Medina who is famous for producing extraordinary sexy photos.

Not everyone might be able to judge the sexy photo as art, or the expression the model wants to convey. Not a few judge if it’s a lewd and disrespectful thing. For that, we must first know the reason someone wants to be photographed in a sexy state and published to the public.

In a 2014 study, the results showed that women pay more attention to body shape and sexiness when they receive negative comments from Facebook. This study examined more than 150 girls. Respondents for five days received quiz questions five times a day about the influence of social media on body shape.

Around 70% of respondents aged 18-35 routinely edit their photos to appear sexier on social media. Women will also diet or exercise more frequently when compared to other women on Facebook. By looking sexy, they appear more confident and can express themselves.

Consequences of sexy photos
A study says that someone showing sexiness in public gets tremendous pressure from society. There is a lot of pressure felt by girls and young women to dare to look sexy. But when they post the photo online, more negative consequences happen

A professor at Columbia University said that the digital trail of sexy photos of this young woman will forever be on the internet. Therefore, this young woman will find it difficult to get a job. When a photo is uploaded on Facebook or anywhere else, it will last forever on the internet. Now, the sexual photos posted can influence the company’s interest in hiring a woman.