The Difference of Staying at the Hotel and in Apartment

For some people they more like to stay at hotel than stay at apartment. Many reason for it because we can’t impose one’s desire. We only have to know what the different of hotels and apartments LIV @ MB. So, the first think that we have to know is about the facility. Almost all people know that hotel have many rooms that can be rented out to their visitors. They have several types of room available, from inexpensive to expensive. This room type also has a different widely. Usually, if we rent the expensive room, we got the large room and if we rent the inexpensive room, we got the small room.

The shortage of hotel is we can’t stay in a long periods because they have limits to their visitors stay. If we want to stay at there in a month, possibility they can’t give us a room. They have a procedure to their visitors who stay. In apartments maybe we have to pay more than hotels because the apartment has a wider room. The apartment has spacious rooms like home because in general it was used as a residence. If we stay in apartment we not need to worry about the length because they don’t give a limit for their visitors. It means, you can stay there as long as you want.

Even many people prefer to stay in hotels, we have to try to stay at apartment. If you want to get the best sensation of stay in apartment, you can come to LIV @ MB. It is the right place if you want to feel the apartment with a local culture. They also have many facilities that offer to their visitors. If you stay in a few days longer, maybe you can get a cheaper price than in hotels.