Train Your Baby with Prone Position

Since being born into the world, babies are more often in the supine position. This can hamper the baby’s vision development. The prone position is one way to train the baby’s vision. Babies have another perspective when they see the environment around them. Of course, that other view sparked his curiosity. The baby will try to turn or turn his head. Babies try to recognize objects that are around them, even trying to touch them. At this time, you can invite him to play. Besides, you also need to pay attention to your baby’s crib and safety equipment when you are busy working. Provide camera baby monitors around your baby’s room which allows you to always supervise the baby’s activities even though you are in a different room with your baby. Make sure you choose the product and read on the website best double baby monitor.

You can put the crib next to your bed or in another area but the same room. So it will be easier for you to monitor the condition of the baby and be able to readily come to him if he cries at night. Although baby dolls are cute, avoid placing dolls and any objects made of soft fur on the baby’s mattress. Especially if you let the baby hug the soft furred doll. The doll’s fur risks being inhaled by the baby, making it short of breath.

Also, doll accessories, such as doll eyes and buttons, are at risk of being swallowed by the baby and causing choking. For that, just provide a bolster or pillow for the baby to use. So that the baby does not hit the edge of the bed, you can limit it with a pillow or bolster. The Baby crib is covered with several fabrics or layers of tissue that you can remove and attach.

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